Commercial Rooftop Solar

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Commercial Rooftop Solar

Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming widely used on business premises to reduce environmental footprints as well as saving money every year. Your business can benefit from solar energy by utilising your roof space and converting the space into solar PV.

What You Can Save

Currently, a solar PV system including O&M delivers electricity at roughly 5 pence per kWh reducing the cost from the current grid-supplied rate by around 10 pence.

A solar PV roofing installation will quickly save you money within 24 months.

Planning and Installation

Every project dynamic energy solution takes on receives dedicated and experienced technicians to carry out everything detailed in the project’s planning. We manage your project from start to finish whilst focusing on any specific requirements you should have through this process.

Our experienced team will run through every stage from planning, design and construction.

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