EV Chargers 3.7kW to 150kW

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EV Chargers 3.7kW to 150kW

Electric Vehicle Chargers, A Step In The Right Direction

With the advancement in technology, electric cars are increasing day by day. They are not only better for the environment but also are more cost-efficient as compared to regular fuel cars. It is not always easy to charge an electric car, but experts at Dynamic Energy can change that. We install a unit that has the capability of charging your car at a faster rate than regular outlets.

Instal EV chargers at your premises and future proof your place of business with our most current chargers. Install charging points throughout all of your locations and become a responsible advocate of renewable energy.

An Electrical vehicle charger that suits you

We offer different electric chargers, ranging from 3.7kw to 150kw depending on your needs and budget, our experts will help you in Picking the right charger for your business.

All of our installation engineers are trained and approved to install all of the leading EV charging brands including Fimer, EO, Sevadis, MyEnergi, EVBox and Wallbox among others

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Service

When we come to install your EV charger, we will provide a prompt and friendly service. Our team is always on time, highly trained, and provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

Our technicians are highly experienced when installing EV chargers and will listen to your needs and deliver the best and most cost-efficient solution that will suit your needs perfectly from initial ideas to finished project.

EV Charger Range

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