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Large Off Grid Kit

Large Off Grid Kit


Equipment List:

  • 36 x 400W Menloe Mono Solar Panel
  • 8 x Pylontech 4.8kwh US5000C Li-ion Battery
  • Pylontech US5000 Stackable Brackets
  • Victron Energy Quattro Inverter/Charger 48/15000
  • 2 x Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller RS 450/200-Tr
  • Victron Energy Cerbo GX
  • Victron Energy GX Touch 70
  • Victron Energy GX Touch 70 Wall Mount
  • Victron Energy Lynx Distributor
  • Victron Energy RJ45 cable
  • Victron Energy Interface MK3-USB
  • Victron Energy VE.direct cable
  • Victron Energy VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable
  • 10m x 95mm2 Heavy Duty Cable (5m red + 5m black)
  • 100m x 6mm2 Solar TUV Cable Reel
  • Pylontech Long DC Cable Pack
  • Palletised Delivery

Victron Energy large off grid kit – 14.4kW array, 14kW inverter/charger & 39.2kWh battery bank


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